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Experience & Creativity

Dom and I live together in the Austrian Tirol, and in 2016 our son Alfred was born. "Walks with Alf" is his namesake, and together we explore our little corner of the Alps.

To bring a little ray of creativity into my life I started adding photos online with the hashtag #walkswithalf. People liked them, from this an idea blossomed. Dom had been enjoying making things with wood and our mutual love of hiking and travel means #walkswithalf takes us to some exciting places.

I encouraged Dom to take more photographs and he taught me how to age wood. Together we work as a team to create beautiful photography and hand-make rustic frames, and we hope the finished pieces will each find a place in a heart & a home, bringing a little bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Our Process

We keep a selection of photo prints in our workshop but are also able to print to order, this means size, pixel and finish can be chosen to your taste. You are also able to provide your own prints for framing if desired. All prints are made with an acrylic, matte UV protection layer which ensures they will stand the test of time.

We source the wood for our frames locally and get each piece of backing board custom made for the photo print we are using.

Once the wood is sourced we take it to our workroom to be aged, this process involves wire brushing, sanding and heating. The wood is then routed and cut to create a frame custom made for the photo print.

Next, we rub in a wood stain and finally apply a couple of coats of varnish to create a gently rustic finish before putting the frames together.

Each large frame is reinforced on the back to ensure strength and durability, the photo print and backing board is easily removed with the use of rotating eyelets. Frames also have picture hooks attached to the rear for easy hanging once delivered.

Custom engraving and dried flower decoupage is also available on all our products.

Nature's Canvas

We combine photography and the raw ingredients of nature all around us to create our artwork and frames, everything we do is designed to preserve the beauty of that item, in the moment it was and can remain its most spectacular. From the wood to the flowers, all our ingredients are sourced at our fingertips and treated with the utmost respect until they find their way to their new homes, all over the world. Preserving a tiny piece of Tirolean nature, in a new home.

Our Prints Are Lovingly Wrapped In a Custom Hand-made Frame, Using Locally Sourced Wood

All our frames are made to order using locally sourced wood, the colour, style and shape of the wood can be designed to best suit the individual’s print or personal preference.

The limit is your imagination, fancy something you can’t see here? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.


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